40 and Fabulous, nope. The Second Half, nope. Sarah Smiles…hmmm

In thinking about what to write for my very first post I decided I should start at the beginning.  Why have I finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging?

The idea to begin writing a blog actually started almost two years ago.  I’d written a “status update” on my facebook page about having to go out that day, not wanting others to realize I was no “spring chicken” anymore, and in an effort to quickly cover up my gray roots (white as snow is a better color description) I grabbed a black marker and in a few minutes I looked as young as my 21 year old daughter, well… almost.  I received several comments from friends and a few were something to the effect of “you should blog about all the things you do to be a young looking 40-something!”  I thought about how I could write about my work-out regimen, the kinds of foods I ate and stayed away from, skin care, make-up, etc.  I thought I could name it something like “40 and Fabulous” or something along those lines.  So I googled the possible title, and ¡Ay-caramba!  There were tons of sites and blogs in a similar vein.  It would have been ridiculous to think anyone would read, or even find, my blog if that’s what it was all about.  So I scrapped the idea.

A couple of months later I took my GrandMama to Puerto Rico so she could see her first Great-great-grandchild.  My mother and family are from la isla del encanto, meaning, “the island of enchantment”.  On that trip to the island I spent a great deal of time with my GrandMama.  She shared quite a bit of life wisdom with me and one of the many things I came away with was that, just because I was 42, it wasn’t too late to begin a new venture.  She was 84 at the time and had done many things in her second half of life.  And so, the idea for a blog brewed in my head with musings on the “second half of life” as the basis.  It seemed perfect, I mean, I was exactly half her age and already planning a new venture in the fall.  My afternoon part time job, which I very much enjoy, would allow me to work a few evenings at something I love…painting!  And my husband and I were enjoying a new passion (at least for him), dancing on the other evenings.  That was going to be my blog.  Life after 40 and how to make the most of it!  Then I succumbed to illness that made it difficult to even walk at times.  And it happened right at the time I was to go to training for the new venture.  After overcoming the worse symptoms, an MRI I’d had two months earlier showed I had a SLAP tear and needed shoulder surgery.  ALL of my passions were put on hold again and the idea of blogging went on hold along with them.

In the last year I’ve dealt with a chronic condition, appointments with doctors, tons of blood drawn, and no real answer to prevent symptoms I deal with.  I’ve also gone through shoulder surgery and then this past summer, when I felt great and like I was on the mend, I took a tumble and…broke my foot!  That’s right, a silly fall broke my foot.  I’m laughing as I write this, I mean, who has so many unfortunate things happen to them in the span of a year.  And that’s how I came to the title of this blog.  My name is Sarah and even when everything was going wrong I still smiled.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of teary eyes, but eventually I get over it.  Psalms 30:5 states, “weeping may be for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”  I try to remember what I’ve told many young people I work with, storms come and things look dark and  bleak but, eventually the clouds pass and the sun comes out.  The new morning reveals the potential to bring joy, and that is why I, Sarah, smile at everything I can.   🙂


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