He’s spontaneous, I’m a planner…Opposites Attract, right?

There are different kinds of personalities in the world.  Some of us are planners, some spontaneous, and some kind of go with the flow depending on the situation.  I am definitely the former.  I like to have a plan for everything.  My husband is mister spontaneity.  We are what you might consider…polar opposites!

A few weeks ago, while I was still trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress, my daughter came home for a visit.  I showed her the background picture I’d chosen (which took me forever to get centered the way I wanted it), the title and tagline I’d thought about for weeks, and the “About Me” section I’d written.  That was all I had done so I had not published it yet.  I wanted to have the page looking “just so” before putting it out there for the world to see.  My daughter said it was cool that I was writing a blog, and then she said, “Pop should write a blog, he likes to write and he’s funny.”  A couple of days later I mentioned it to him and…what do you think?  After I showed him WordPress, within an hour, he had his first post published!  He just dived right in, picked a picture, picked a title, and wrote his first post.  No thinking, just blindly jumped in, linked it to Facebook, and Voila!   He was a “published writer” with a ton of likes and comments within an hour of posting.  I thought about blogging for a couple of years… and he thought about it for a minute. Polar opposites!

They say “opposites attract” and I’ve wondered about this.  My desire to plan things, make lists, be meticulous about the details of certain things, is completely different from his last minute decisions to do this, that, or the other.  And it drives me nuts!  Sometimes.  At other times, I’ve been glad that we’ve delved in and done something unexpected.  It can be thrilling to just go for it and not know what the outcome might be.  We’ve recently been offered the opportunity to teach ballroom classes at someone’s dance studio.  Shortly after, I had to drive ten hours home to Chicago (the Air Force brought us to Arkansas where we currently live) and I had to help take care of getting my GrandMama moved.  I was gone for over a week.  When I got back I found that my hubby and Lisa (dance studio owner) had decided to just go for it and post on Facebook that we were teaching lessons…with only about a week’s notice!  That’s right, he wanted to just dive right in and do it.  That’s mister spontaneous for you.  And even though we only had one couple show up the first night, I was actually glad we did it!  Not only did we have fun with the couple but THEY were bouncing ideas off of us to take us in a direction I hadn’t even thought of!  They were a great couple and it turned out to be a great time.  Fancy that.  No planning, just doing it, and it turned out fine for us.

I could go on incessantly with example after example of our opposing natures but I’m sure you get the point.  I believe the phrase “opposites attract” comes from the scientific law of two opposite sides of  magnets being attracted to one another.  My hubby and I have “opposing” personalities, and although we drive each other crazy at times because of it, overall we compliment each other.  I mean, if he were a planner like me, we’d never have any fun.  And if I were spontaneous like him, we’d be broke.  I like to paint and I’ve found that some of the prettiest color combinations are compliments on the color wheel.  So hopefully…we look good together too.  😉

Ricky & I at Tango

3 thoughts on “He’s spontaneous, I’m a planner…Opposites Attract, right?

  1. Oh, you too look graet together! Your opposing personality *parts* obviously compliment each other or you wouldn’t still be together now. 🙂

  2. Excellently said…..Yes, opposites do attract whether it’s little black items called Magnets or if it’s real people enjoying life to the fullest. Heaven really is right here on Earth but we must find it. The finding time is different with every one as life truly is a journey so the kind of journey differs within each individual. Life must include 4 things or directions: Body, Mind, Spirit, & Community, (a bit like North, South, East, West). If any one direction is missing, our journey will surely be affected. We need physical Body health, mental Mind health, exciting Spirit health, & area wide Community health.
    Ex: Body & Mind are often the only two that people consider. However, if we are lucky enough to possess those two, then we need to do something exciting for our Spirit, & we need to associate with friends, family, & strangers to become full circle in Community health. Enjoy your blogs & something I learned many years ago… people who journalize their life, never forget the bursts of laughter, onset of tears, & many more aspects of the journey of life. It can make one successful by not repeating too many errors & provide good progressive thoughts & ideas.

  3. That was beautifully written, Sarah. Yes, you two are definitely opposites at times, but that’s what makes your life so interesting! Whether you’d call it “luck” or “perseverance,” you two have something wonderful that is also unfortunately rare these days. I am a lot like you; it takes me weeks to put together a blog post – mostly because I can only dedicate a few minutes at a time on it – so I totally know what you mean about tweaking something until it’s just right! 🙂 Take care and thanks for sharing!

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