Happy New Year! (It’s January so I’m not late yet, haha)

Happy New Year!  It’s 2015!  I can still say that right?  Technically, it’s still January.  So by posting this I will have accomplished one of my small goals for 2015, which was to get back into writing by posting at least once a month to this site.  I think this counts, yeah!

So are you like me?  Did you make some goals for this new year?  For some reason I don’t want to call them resolutions.  I am like many people in that, I have made resolutions in the past, and by the end of January they’ve gone by the wayside.  So I made “realistic goals” for myself.  And so far, I have stuck to them!  Mostly.

My first goal was to not only be “on time” for things but to try and be a few minutes early.  Mind you, I’m not one of those people who needs to be told events are an hour before they are actually supposed to start.  We have one family member in both mine and my husband’s family like that!  No, I am the person who may not be “technically” late but will probably be the last to arrive.  And I find that I’m usually quite frazzled by the time I make my arrival because I’m always just “sliding in” on time.  So, my intention was to shoot to leave the house a good five minutes before I would have otherwise.  I was doing pretty good too, until January 5th, the first day back to school (work for me) after the Christmas Break.  I was actually about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, got in my van…and the battery was dead!  Because I was doing well on time, I got a jump, headed to work and was only about five minutes late.  Not the first day back to work I was hoping for.  Such is life.  All was well until Friday.  On that day, I was about five minutes ahead, got in the van, clicked the button for the garage door…but it didn’t go up.  I couldn’t even get it up by pulling the chord!  Somehow the door had gone off the track.  By the time I got it up and made it to work I was about fifteen minutes late.  That was TWO strikes against me in the first week!  I thought to myself “I give up” but just for a little while.  I decided, if I quit trying to be early, then I’ll really be late.  So, I’m not giving up yet!  I am going to try (key word try) to be at least a few minutes “early,” and I happen to think that’s a pretty good goal for myself.  I’m sure my husband thinks so too.  😉

Other “realistic goals” I had were to start working out at least twice a week for the first month, and I’ve managed to get in at least three each week.  I also wanted to take or be photographed doing something I think is cool at least once each month.  Thursday I was photographed before being on TV…cool!  And I wanted to get back to creating art.   That’s the only one I’ve missed.  Unless you count writing as being a work of art.  Well, no that was a separate goal in itself.  So I’ve managed to reach four out of five for the month of January.  Not too bad.  How about you?  Did you make all your goals or resolutions?  If not, don’t worry about it, just think of tomorrow as being the first day of the rest of 2015…because that is what it is.   Did you smile?  I hope so, that’s my “goal” with this blog.  🙂

Fun on the NBC News Set.

Rick and I on KARK News to promote the Valentine’s event at the Arkansas Arts Center.


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