Arkansas Children’s Hospital…Why I donate :-)

Have you ever found yourself wondering if something was a sign?  I think I’ve been receiving signs to tell my friends here in Arkansas to take a moment and make a donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH).

Last Friday I struck up a conversation with a lady I see from time to time when out dancing, but we’ve not ever had a chance to talk.  When she told me she worked at ACH, I told her it was a great hospital.  I told her they were one of the reasons my son is alive today because he was a passenger in a near fatal car accident on February 24th, 2007, and even though he had his seatbelt on (I’m now waving my finger at you telling you to ALWAYS wear your seatbelt!), he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury.  I told her how instrumental ACH was in my son’s recovery, and I left thinking about ACH and that it was that time of year again to send a little something to the hospital.

Then, this week on the radio, I heard a plea to make a donation to ACH.  It was like another sign to give to this wonderful hospital.  And now, I’ve received this in the mail:


ACH was as wonderful as they could be to us.  I saw the caring in the hearts of the doctors, the nurses, the therapists…every person that worked with my son.  I am about to go online and make my yearly contribution to this hospital that has taken care of so many children.  My hope is that you who are reading this will do the same.


You can make a donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital at:  Your donations can help more families have something to smile about.  🙂


If interested, you can read a little about the day of our son’s accident here:


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